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A study found that top companies were dedicating 15-20% of their advertising budgets to social media. Based on these statistics, you can understand how important and influential social media is. a career in this would be a treasure trove of gold for someone who has taken an online course to achieve that goal 40% of the global population now uses the internet. That's 3.4 billion. This data further suggests that social media will play an increasingly important role in digital marketing strategies in the coming years. This is the smartphone age, and it will last for quite some time. By the end of 2020, the figure is projected to rise to 5.07 billion people around the world. Businesses are finding that smartphones have made the whole world their workplace. The trend toward social media use of smartphones is fueling the current rapid rise of other applications such as Twitter and Facebook. Since more and more and more people are using smartphones, online advertising, the visual design need to scale down to meet smaller screens. I suppose, of course, that smartphones will not be going away anytime soon, which is why companies have chosen to use them as part of their marketing. The use of social media offers a good return on investment with a low investment. Social media networks have a high return on investment, but a very low risk. Many small and medium-sized companies use social media to build their audience due to this key principle. More and more students are interested in pursuing careers in digital marketing as a result of this demand increase. The internet is the new marketing arena business can only succeed if it is based where its customers are. In these times of the internet, everyone spends most of their time online. Just like the Internet has become the new public market where companies advertise, interact, and engage with their customers, social media has become the new platform for reaching your audience. Creative Benefits of Social Media, It helps in attracting more traffic, stronger rankings in search engines, and boosts brand recognition. There are all these specific activities which a company expects from their marketing strategy.

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